10 Tips on How to Network Better Even if You are Shy

Networking can be difficult no matter if you’re an introvert, ambivert, or extrovert. Let’s look at 10 tips on how to network better. 

We have all heard of the word ‘networking’ but what does it mean? As mentioned in the previous article (How to Succeed in any Career/Field that You Love) networking is a way of building long-term relationships where both parties benefit.

Ever wondered why we need to network better or why people find it hard to network?

With things being unpredictable all over, isn’t there a sense of comfort in the idea of having people you can depend on? Nothing is certain, but we must try anyway. In longitudinal studies conducted, they have seen that there is a link to career success and networking. Not only because of statistical results, but also the accelerated growth of career success. 

Now, many of us are ambitious and passionate to do something and create a name for ourselves. But despite having this passion we may also be lazy, I for one am. Humans are a lot like plants, we can grow into enormous trees, but our roots can’t spread if the pot is too small. Sometimes we need others to feed and nurture us, while we try to bear fruits and flowers. Our surroundings can help us grow or stunt our growth. But remember, some plants will grow in areas even without sufficient water, while others can get all the nourishment and affection and still not grow. Best believe you can be a cactus or a watermelon, it’s your choice. Keeping all the motivation in mind let’s look at 10 tips on how to network better even if you’re shy.


  1. Use good listening skills. 
  2. Ask questions. 
  3. Make them comfortable. 
  4. Always collaborate.
  5. Perform better.
  6. Say something nice at the end.
  7. Use different social media platforms.
  8. Strengthen the bond with your inner circle.
  9. Share your passions with your family.
  10. Be genuine / original.

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