Rapidez HR Global Services is an entrenched global executive search firm with a glorious 10 years of excellence across the globe

Who are we

Established in 2010, Rapidez HR Global Services is one of the most promising executive hiring firms in India with multiple global allies.

We function as a corporate firm through focused practice groups, each led by a global practice team leader. We believe strongly in the ideology of growth.

We have effectively selected 1258+ Counting Employees across diverse verticals in India & across the globe. We collaborate with individuals in furthering and fulfilling their career aspirations, as a continuous process.


  • Leadership & Technical Recruitment
  • Resource Process Outsourcing
  • Permanent & Contract Staffing
  • International | Expat hiring

  • Through our community of skilled writers, Rapidez writes and analyzes more resumes, CVs, and LinkedIn profiles than any other service. Job seekers work directly with professional writers and industry experts to redefine their personal brand and stand out from the crowd during the job-search process.

    What do we do?

    Rapidez Writers began in 2017, when experts in Rapidez HR Global Services realized there is a huge gap between talented individuals and their Resumes. Your resume is one of your most significant professional assets. Most often, a lot of immensely talented individuals have no clue about where to begin, what to add, and what to remove from their resumes.

    Rapidez Writers recognizes what hiring experts are searching for and how to introduce yourself on paper to augment openings. We audit your resume after having dedicated conversations over phone call, which will allow us to explore all the aspects of you to give:

  • Confidential and customized assessment from confided in specialists.
  • Target criticism on design, language and how well your resume conveys your aptitudes and expertise.
  • Extremely relevant content about the personality to fetch in more opportunities.
  • Personalized recommendations on the most ideal approach to make your resume more grounded.
  • Psychometric analysis based guidance by our expert recruiters.
  • About Founder

    Prashanth Mudaliar, a First Generation Serial Entrepreneur inclined towards Executive talent, Resume Writing, Leadership Coaching, Psychometric Assessments & a part of multiple Human Resource Forums.

    Talent leader with 15 years of experience in building and scaling businesses through strategic business operations, talent acquisition, HR transformation, marketing and branding.

    Right after graduation, started his career as a Freelance Technical Recruiter – Associate Director of Global Recruitment & acquired Rapidez HR Global Services - An Executive Talent Consulting Group in 2011 & Founded Rapidez Writer in 2018 a Division specialized in Executive Resume Writing, Personal Branding, LinkedIn optimization & Consulting as a Service for Niche Customers like CEO, CTO, VP, Director, & Manager with the aim of branding job Seekers to adopt technological advancements such as ATS(Applicant Tracking System).

    Spearheaded multiple Strategic Hiring Models for start-ups, Global Product Engineering organizations and Consulting Groups, Have excelled in Leadership Hiring, Talent acquisition, Turnkey Projects & RPO.

    An idealistic navigator driving innovation in HR through collaboration & strives to make a difference in the lives of people through Coaching.