Create a rejection-proof video resume to give you the edge over other candidates

Give yourself an edge with a video resume

A video resume can show employers your ability to enhance their company and fit their business culture before they even pick up your paper resume. It also sets you apart from the other candidates who have no video to support their application.
The best part? 89% of employers say they would watch a video resume. On the other hand, 95% of paper resumes never get read.

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Step off the page with a video resume

A video resume commands far more attention than a paper resume. Every job candidate sends a paper resume, but you’ll be the only one with a video too. That’ll instantly separate your application from the slush pile and get your foot in the door.

Just like a paper resume, you need to cover the essentials: Education, Experience & Interests

Build your personal brand with thematic color and motion graphics

Choose a color scheme and style to create a motion graphic resume that visually represents who you are and builds professional rapport. You can even use a color scheme that matches the colors of the company you’re applying to.
Rapidez offers built-in color schemes and visuals that polish your video till it shines. It’s like adding your personal logo to your animation resume (we also have animated logos if you want to add one for real).

Go beyond the selfie video

Even if all you’ve got is your phone camera, your video resume can be more than a simple selfie video. Add stock footage and background music to create a memorable video resume that’s way cooler than plainly answering questions on camera and gets rapt attention from beginning to end.

Create a video resume that open doors

Make a video resume