How to Succeed in any Career/Field that You Love.

What is success to YOU? What does succeeding at any career/ field mean?

Since success doesn’t have a fixed definition, it cannot have a blueprint. There is no ‘one size fit’s all’ method, it’s always a trial and error. Tips will help guide you and roughly show how to move forward. You can tweak and see how it best fits you. 

The aim for us here is to help you reach your goal, no matter how hard these may be to achieve we are here for you. 

1. Learn to Let Go

As humans, we develop attachments: it can be towards our job, relationships, childhood toys, anything. We develop these attachments because they give us a sense of comfort and help us feel safe. 

Getting a job or client’s currently can be hard because of COVID-19, which is why when we are unhappy with our job we may face a sense of guilt. You may find a job and work there for a while and all seems perfect to the world around you. But you have this hesitation about something you can’t quite catch, listen to this feeling. It’s your gut telling you there.

Sometimes we ignore the gut feeling because we feel so settled and safe where we are that the idea of not having that safety scares us. It’s okay to be scared, in fact, it’s good, it shows you care. One reason we are scared to let go or explore is financial instability. 

2. Networking

I’m sure you have read this everywhere. One reason is it is just that important if you want to succeed in any career. This word simply means build long-term relationships with mutual benefits for each party.  There is no strict place and time where you can meet these people and build connections. The world is your oyster and the online community is the best place to build these connections.

Linkedin for one is a great place to build these professional connections (Check our LinkedIn profile here). You can even build these connections offline, at a park, cafe, party, anywhere really. The goal is to get to know more people, to build a relationship of mutual trust where you’ll help one another. You must interact with people of all genders, nationalities, ethnicities, races, religions, and so on. There should be no discrimination. To network, you need to have an open mind and a level of professionalism which you will get as and when you go on. This will open up more opportunities for you. 

3. Take Any Feedback You Get

There are different types of feedback like summative, formative, constructive, formal, peer feedback, and so on. The one we will talk about is constructive feedback, it is a process to help better the individual’s performance through comments and suggestions. There are 4 types of constructive feedback, positive and negative feedback, positive and negative feed-forward. 


constructive feedback


There is a difference between criticism and feedback, feedback will directly show the individual how they can improve. Whereas criticism will just focus on the negative and it’s left to the person to find what they can take away from those words and how to improve. Feedback and feed-forward focus on what went wrong or what was good and how to be better. Criticism will only focus on negative aspects. 

However, even when criticism is looked at the right way, it can benefit you. Remember, not everyone will get the difference between the two and they may think they are helping. It’s better to take any criticism you get with a pinch of salt and see how much truth is there in that. Sometimes people will criticize just for the sake of saying something, it won’t always be personal to your work. So before getting upset, evaluate your work from a third-person perspective. Look for ways you can improve, and what better way than getting feedback from people.

4. Be Open to Learning from Anyone

Learning from anyone and everyone is very important to succeed in any career/field. Knowledge has no limit and you can never know everything about something, no matter how many years you have spent in a field. You have immense knowledge and that you must share but you should also be willing to learn from those who are relatively new in the field.

It can be difficult to take advice or learn something new from someone younger but that’s a barrier society has created. Age has nothing to do with knowledge, experience is important but you need the knowledge to put that to use. Here is an important bit. It’s good to learn from everyone but if anyone tells you about factual information make sure to ALWAYS FACT CHECK before telling it to someone else. Learning is important, but learning the right information is even more important because there is enough misinformation spreading out there. 

5. Take a Step Back When Needed

We live in a world where ‘hustle’ is given so much importance we forget to stop and take a break. A break can look different for everyone, for some, it can be a long vacation while for others it can be a 10-minute nap. No one but you can decide what a break is for you. 

In today’s hectic lifestyle, it’s so hard to take a step back because there is so much going on that it can be difficult. There will always be too much work, too many assignments. In short, there will always be a reason to stop you from getting this break. But when all this pressure is affecting your work, relationships, you, maybe it’s time to see what a break looks like. Taking this step back will help you in the long run because it helps you look at the big picture. 

6. Don’t Get Fixated on an Age Limit to Succeed

As kids we must have all thought “I’ll be rich and successful before I turn 30”. As we grow older, we realize how hard this goal actually is to achieve. In today’s day, many are burnt out by the age of 20 or 21! We develop this image of an ideal job and when we have to work the hustle and work pressure is nothing like what we imagined. 

if we are being honest, according to me, the idea of a dream job is overrated. We try to chase this ideal idea of what our job should look and feel like, but get exhausted in this search. We feel this pressure to do something before we are 30 because that’s what social media has fed us. 

Instead of looking for that ideal job, look at your short-term goals, find a job that will help you achieve that. If your goal is to earn enough to pay bills, then look for something that will help you achieve that. If your goal is to travel the world, then start saving. 

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