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How to catalogue GED in resumes

You may not have graduated high school with a diploma, but you did take the time to earn your GED. That's fantastic! There may come a time when you need to include your GED on your resume.

Every job you apply to is going to list some type of education requirement, including a high school diploma. If you've earned your GED, that means you're qualified for roles that require a diploma. You just have to include your GED on your resume. But, what is the proper way to list a GED on your resume, and is there really a stigma attached to doing so? 

What is a GED?

Graduate equivalency degree is the verbiage associated with the acronym GED. However, most people refer to GED as a high school equivalency diploma.

There are four rounds of testing that you need to complete in order to earn the certification. Receiving a GED indicates that you have the knowledge you would have had if you had finished high school.

How is a GED different from a high school diploma?

The main differences between a GED and a high school diploma is time and coursework requirements. Receiving a high school diploma means that you successfully completed 4 years of education in a traditional classroom setting. Basically, you've earned the right number of credits and the proper grades to graduate.

On the other hand, the GED doesn't require you to fulfill any credit hour obligations. Though, you'll likely want to participate in some sort of preparation coursework to get ready for the GED tests.

Do you include your GED on your resume?

If you have no education outside of obtaining your high school equivalency, then you will need to include the GED on your resume. Again, many jobs require some level of education, so it's good to show that you took the initiative to finish your high school education.

Can I exclude my GED from my resume?

If you've enrolled in college, you can leave your GED off of your resume. This holds true even if you haven't finished your degree program. In that case, you would put the name of the school you're attending, the type of degree you're working towards (e.g., bachelor of science), and the date you expect to graduate.

The beautiful thing about adding education in progress is that you can include relevant coursework on your resume to inject pertinent keywords.

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