The 7 Best Alternative Resume Formats for Professionals

So you're about to start your job search. Congratulations! Getting ready for a new job can be exciting, but it can also be stressful and time-consuming. With all the information being thrown at you, you may be wondering if there are easier ways to get noticed by potential employers.

There are creative ways that allow you to stand out from the competition while tailoring your CV to highlight your professional skill sets and personality. Depending on your job type, these non-conventional resumes can help you catch the recruiter's eye and land an interview.

Here's what you need to know about resumes before you apply for jobs.

1. The Infographic Resume


Show off your creative side and knowledge of modern design trends—all in one place—with an infographic resume!

An infographic resume is a resume that uses visual elements such as icons and data charts, and other visuals to communicate your work experience, skills, and achievements. These resumes usually work well for people who're into creative fields like graphic design, data visualization, and web design, although it can be a good fit for other jobs if you want to present your skills in a visually appealing and concise format.

If you’ve worked in the industry for several years and your network is well established, then infographic resumes might also be a good choice to share them with your contacts.

However, do keep in mind that they're not the best choice for keyword scanning software applications. In most cases, they should accompany a traditional resume. But they're great to publish on your social media pages or LinkedIn profiles, as well as attachments to email applications.


2. The Presentation-Based Resume (Prezume)


Want to stand out from the crowd?

After all, it isn't only important to list your background and qualifications or your core skills.

Try to create an eye-catching CV using a Microsoft PowerPoint or Prezi template without taking up much time. You can always use different editable and downloadable templates and guides that include instructions, tips, and sample formats to help you create a standout CV.

If you're using Prezi to create your resume, you need to first sign up for an account. These types of resumes are a great way to highlight your communication skills and accomplishments while displaying your knowledge on a subject.

Presentations usually allow you to include charts or graphs that demonstrate your industry knowledge, as well as social media links and contact information. This can help employers differentiate your resume from others in the application pool.

This resume may be ideal for senior-level professionals and creative professionals because they are better able to express their expertise in a separate format from the text-heavy resumes used in most industries.


3. The Video Resume


While paper resumes are handy, the trend of video resumes has picked up in recent years, and for good reason. Ever since remote working has become the new norm, the importance of online communication has gone up a notch.

In most cases, it is hard to judge the tone of communication and cultural fit based on text unless you have extensive interaction with candidates, which typically involves conducting several rounds of interviews. This is where video resumes can help.

You can create a short video clip and introduce yourself to potential employers, discuss your skills and experience, and also ensure that you demonstrate your suitability for the position you're applying for. You can send your video resume directly to employers via email or upload them to video hosting sites such as YouTube.


For hiring managers and recruiters, video resumes are convenient when it comes to prospecting new hires. You can determine whether a candidate would be suitable for the position or not and cut back on unnecessary travel expenses simultaneously.

A video resume can be a useful tool for prospective candidates to express themselves beyond the constraints of a document or PDF resume and focus on soft skills instead, which are crucial for client-facing roles or managerial and C-level roles.

These resumes are great for people working in hospitality, retail, event planning, and similar creative fields.

4. The Hybrid Resume


Not sure if your resume format is the best fit for your job application? You might be surprised to learn that hybrid resumes can be a very effective way to capture the hiring manager's attention. Let’s learn more about this resume type and when it’s good to use.

A hybrid format is a unique approach to presenting your employment and education information that combines the best aspects of chronological and functional formats to highlight your most impressive information first. It helps you cast your managerial and leadership skills and experience in a positive light first.


The hybrid format can be an ideal resume for those returning to the workforce after an extended absence, and professionals trying to change careers or industries.

After listing your best skills, you can follow by listing your work experience in a chronological format. This helps you downplay or take attention away from any irrelevant gaps in your work history without hiding them.


5. The Business Card Resume


A card resume is a great idea for candidates such as salespeople. A card resume is a stand-alone mini-resume that can be passed on to professionals you meet at networking events and such other places. It is used to give the basics about yourself, such as your current position, education, and skills.

The idea behind using a card resume is that you pass it along to people when you don't have time to go into too many details. Also, it's easier to carry with you than a full-blown resume.

Ideally, your business card should contain the following elements:


6. The Online Portfolio Resume


While a resume is important in the job search process, the right online portfolio can make you stand out in a crowded hiring pool. An online portfolio or website is especially important if you're looking for a job in design, photography, art, writing, etc.

Create your online portfolio to show potential employers what you can do. After all, actions speak louder than words. You can include links to example projects, professional websites where you’ve been featured, previous jobs, and/or include a link or QR code on your resume that will take a potential employer straight to your digital portfolio. You can also write an About Me page in your online portfolio.

7. LinkedIn Profile Resume


Trusted recommendations, valuable skills, and awards—those are the things that get you noticed.

A LinkedIn profile is a lot more than an online resume. It can help you break into industry groups, and connect with top talent, customers, or strategic partners. Now your LinkedIn profile is a complete resume—including summary, highlights, skills, recommendations from past colleagues, contact information—all packaged in an easy-to-download PDF or a shareable link. It is so much easier for the hiring manager to view at a glance.

Make Your Resume Stand Out

Depending on your industry or job type, the use of certain resume formats can catch the recruiter's eye. Necessary formatting includes proper grammar and uniform font sizes. Instead of relying on one standard template or layout, try making creativity a priority in your job hunt by including infographics or other visual aids in your application materials.

Finding the right type of resume will increase both the quality of your resume, and the likelihood that you'll make it to the next stages of the selection process. Meanwhile, you can explore some tips to stay motivated at your job search

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