The 10 Key LinkedIn Tips you need to succeed in 2022

More people find new jobs in January than in any other month, and your LinkedIn Profile is certainly your first, and can be your last chance to make a positive impression online.

It's a combination of a sales pitch, a personal presentation, a business card, a brochure, a personal statement, a list of recommendations, a mini web-site, and a wave from across the room.

It has a lot of work to do, and it only has a few seconds to either succeed or fail in doing that work. So - how do you make it a success?

Here are my ten top tips for a better LinkedIn Profile in 2022

LinkedIn Tip 1: Forget your CV or Resume

Brevity aids clarity. Your summary is the key on your profile - make sure it’s there, make sure it’s well structured, and sell yourself as a useful product.

LinkedIn Tip 2: Look good

Get the best photograph you can. If you can't pay a pro, get the background appropriate and uncluttered, make the lighting good, get the clothes and hair right, and smile.

LinkedIn Tip 3: Show me the benefits

Tell me why it will benefit me to do business with you - precisely, exactly, measurably, and specifically.

LinkedIn Tip 4: Talk to me

Use sound or video! Talk. The pitch and quality of your voice will let me connect with you as a human being. Tell me a story.

LinkedIn Tip 5: Use recommendations effectively

Have other people tell me why it benefited them to do business with you - precisely, exactly, measurably, specifically - because I can believe them immediately.

LinkedIn Tip 6: Be human…

Show people what makes you tick, what interests you, what you are proud of, and what things are really important to you. People buy people, and they buy into their loves and passions.

LinkedIn Tip 7: Tales of the Unexpected

Surprise people with something unusual and fun in your profile. It's important, even if it's not relevant to your business or your core message. It's about you - and you're unique, not a cardboard cut-out.

LinkedIn Tip 8: Talk to strangers…

Get someone whose judgement you value to check over things for you on your profile, because if it does not make sense to them at one reading, it needs more work.

LinkedIn Tip 9: Don't bury the lead!

Use your headline to introduce your story - and make your reader want to read on to hear the full story.

LinkedIn Tip 10: Call for Action…

If you want people to do something, ask them to do it. Ask for that email, phone call or website visit.

Your resume is often the first step to getting an interview with an employer. Make sure you include the most relevant information on your resume, organize it to highlight the most important information, and carefully review for errors. Once your resume is polished and finalized, it should help you get more callbacks, interviews, and job offers.

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