Here are 10 Fun Ways to Take Breaks while Working From Home!

Work work work! Is work taking so much of your space that you have forgotten that there’s a life beyond the computer walls? Digitized so much that you have left behind yourself. No, I am not exaggerating the situation. Ask yourself honestly, how much time do you give yourself off the screen and pamper yourself? You think it’s unnecessary, well let me break the eggs. It’s VITAL! Taking a break during work is Vital. Thinking about yourself is Vital.

This is a basic survival kit people! And in fact, the latest study shows that 15 minutes of break during work, every two hours makes you more productive and keeps you sane at the same time. My little birds have informed me that your eyes are complaining enough about you neglecting them.

So stop whatever you are doing and let’s have a quick look at ten fun ways to take a break while working from home. A fresh mind, a healthy body is all you need to be productive and super active! Well, before we begin, stop lamenting that you take breaks while you just scroll through Facebook and visit the washroom. That’s not a break! Let the Ross factor not hamper you much.

1. Calming Meditative state

Take a break and open your favourite music application. Type “soothing music” you get a playlist of meditative music. Prefer listening to flute or sea waves music for at least 15 minutes. It helps you to relax and triggers your creative side.

2. Go hug the life outside

Leave your home, run to the grocery store or buy some veggies. Step outside, go to your roof. Soak yourself in the sun, watch the sky, look at the life around you. Be ‘there’! You will feel rejuvenated and ready to approach work differently.

3. Listen to Music

Music has always been a great mood enhancer. Play your favourite music, dance to it if you have to. Smile with it, groove for a while and get back to work in a fresh mood.

4. Have a break from Tech!

Don’t touch your phone once you decide to take a break. Give yourself the freedom to recharge itself. Walk around in the home and check out if plants are dried off, water them. Don’t think of your gadgets for those 15 minutes.

5. Read a book

The best way to take a break is to read something that enlightens us, gives us a new perspective and books are our best friends. Pick a book from the desk, go out, sit on the balcony and read a few lines. Give yourself a pleasure to read something pre-written, not something which stresses you out.

6. Drink Water — Make Juice

Drink a full glass of water when you begin your break time. Go to the kitchen, try some new smoothie recipes. Healthy drinks give healthy vibes. This in turn helps you be active at work.

7. Laugh — Pick Comics

Laughing relieves your stress and releases happy hormones. It lightens up the mood and helps you be calm even in stressful situations. Read a comic book and brighten yourself.

8. Stretch yourself

While working, taking a break is important. During this break stretch out a little. Do some yoga, relax and feel the body in movement. Stretch your spine and sit as erect as possible. Feel the energy that fills you up while you do the stretching.

9. Art is a perfect escape

Go draw a picture, pick up the paints and dirty your hands with colors. Write a poem for your partner. Do these little things and this will make you feel creative, makes space for new ideas that help you in personal growth!

10. Clear your desk

Marie Kondo says cleaning is a relaxing therapy. Clear the clutter off your desk. Try keeping minimum stuff in your room. Fewer furniture rooms create good space for you mentally. Here are ten power tips for you to take a break in a healthy way and to give yourself some space. Breathe in, breathe out and let the productivity flow a little stronger! 

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