Unemployment Hacks:. Don't get a job, get a life.


1. Take a step back.

Do things that you make feel happy and calm for a change even if for a narrow while, trust me it will help you a lot. Watch David Chapelle on Netflix or meet up with people you have been ignoring when you were too busy with work.

2. Analyze, analyze, and analyze.

Figure out where you went wrong and how you can improve and grow. If you were perfect at what you did, yet are still unemployed, then finding a job is your job now.

3. Feed your curiosity. 

This is the time to learn about all the things that make that light bulb go off in your mind. The things you’ve been curious about for a long time but never had the time or energy to find the perfect book or documentary about.

4. Upskill yourself. 

Lack of skills is the basic problem in the employment pool. Managers and entrepreneurs often complain that the employees don’t know basic tech and admin tools. Get ahead of the curve by getting certified in a skill that you have been lacking.

5. Resume building. 

Your resume is the story you tell about your past successes to your future employers that helps them assess your value. Make it crisp and foolproof. Re-write a summary of your previous positions and focus on the impact that you made, not responsibilities. Remove anything irrelevant to getting the job that you’re applying for.

6. Work on your hobbies. 

In a hotshot job, hobbies are the first things that get sacrificed. You can start by practicing your craft for small durations at a time so that you can generate that same feeling of thrill and excitement you felt when you practiced your hobby as a child.

7. Keeping up with your fitness. 

Most people view the time of unemployment as slacking off and not doing anything. Working out will not only make you look good but also it will give you the appearance of someone who gets shit done in the eyes of a prospective employer.

8. Don’t stop networking. When people get comfortable, they let contacts slip away. Do not fall into the trap of your comfort zone. Keep up with the social appearances and always be on the lookout for new opportunities and events that you can go to.

9. Find other sources of income. 

Now is not the time to look down upon any profession. From driving and Uber/Lyft to signing up for UpWork. You need to be proactive and realistic about the choices that are around you.

10. Never Give In. 

Any kind of situation that you might be in, is not permanent. You can change your present circumstances through sheer will and determination. It's okay to feel sad but don’t let it overpower you. Only focus on things that bring you closer to your goals.

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