How to upload resume in LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a platform that can be used by candidates to expand their reach, gain a wider audience, and meet a broader range of potential employers during their job search. This social networking site is all about building relationships and creating connections that can be of tremendous benefit to you. LinkedIn is one of the best avenues to promote your professional profile. Even though LinkedIn itself is a better alternative to a resume, still many candidates would like to have their resume uploaded to LinkedIn during their job search. Here let us see all the possible ways on how to upload resume in LinkedIn.

How to Upload Resume in LinkedIn?

Before we are going to see how to upload a resume to LinkedIn, let us analyze the scenarios why one wants to upload their resume to LinkedIn. Candidates usually use to upload a resume in LinkedIn for two purposes. 

  1. To make it public to anyone who checks your profile 
  2. To make it easy to have your resume on LinkedIn itself while applying for jobs 

Anyway, in both cases, it is not recommended to have your resume uploaded to LinkedIn because of the reasons stated below in the article. That is why LinkedIn doesn’t have a direct feature for the same. 

Still, How to Upload Resume in LinkedIn?

To make your resume public for anyone. 

  1. Go to your profile page and click on add featured (This is not meant to upload your resume, instead upload your portfolio) 

    how to upload resume in linkedin
  2. Click on Media and browse for your resume (preferably PDF Version) 

    how to upload resume on linkedin
  3. Name your document in Title (YourName_Resume) and give any description (Optional).
    how to upload my resume in linkedin
  4. Click on Save 

Now, if you check the resume will be attached under your profile summary. 

how to upload your resume on linkedin




To make it easy to have your resume on LinkedIn itself while applying for jobs. 

To make it easy to apply for jobs on LinkedIn with the Easy Apply option, you can upload your resume while applying for any position with an easy apply option. LinkedIn will store some of your recent resumes to make it easy to use for future applications. 

how to upload resume to linkedin

For the next applications, all the resumes you uploaded before will be listed with the last used date from which you can choose one. 

Note: This feature is only available to the job posting with the Easy Apply option. For those with the Apply option, you will be taken to the company’s website job portal, and you have to follow the process there. 

If you are not applying for any position now and still you want to upload your resume, you can upload it through the Job Application Settings of LinkedIn. 




How to upload resume in LinkedIn app?

  1. Search for a job 
  2. Click on the job with Easy Apply Option 
  3. Click on Easy Apply button
  4. Fill or correct the required details 
  5. Under the resume section, click on Upload resume
  6. Click on Submit when finished

    how to upload resume in linkedin app

Should you upload a resume to LinkedIn?

The simple answer is no. You should optimize your LinkedIn account in such a way that all the necessary information is available, which will impress the recruiter to reach you to ask you to send them your resume. Then you can send a sharp customized resume to each specific job and organization. More than that, LinkedIn itself has a feature to download your profile as pdf, which acts as a Resume. 

Why you should reconsider uploading your resume to LinkedIn 

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