How to Write a Resume Summary Statement With Examples

Your resume summary can make or break your next job opportunity. It is the element of your resume that has the potential to excite the recruiter and keep him glued to your resume for more than six seconds. 

That’s the very first and one of the major wins for you towards securing your new job.

To help you with this very crucial step of your job search, we have compiled all the pertinent information and provided specific samples of resume summaries. 

Use Keywords

Using the right keywords related to the job is crucial for two reasons: 

  1. Keywords are what the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is looking for.
  2. Keywords easily get noticed by recruiters. 

So, keep strict attention to the use of job-specific keywords for your resume summary. 

Go through the job posting and find out all the required skills, experiences, and related achievements. 

Those are your keywords. 

As long as they describe your abilities, include those in your resume summary. 

Quantify Your Achievements

While describing your most recent, impressive, and relevant achievements, try to make it quantifiable. 

Using numbers turns your accomplishments into something more tangible and concrete. 

Ask yourself questions like these to quantify your achievements:

  1. What was the success rate of your marketing strategy?
  2. What percentage of increased sales did your initiatives achieve?
  3. How much positive client feedback did you get for your organization? 
  4. How many successful events did you organize?

Any similar questions are likely to give you the numbers you are looking for. 

Prove Your Experiences

You do not have much space when it comes to your resume summary. 

Focus only on the most recent, relevant, and proven work experiences that you have. 

It is okay to brag a little, but never okay to say something that you can’t prove later on. 

Faking never ends well. 

Write Your Summary After Completing the Resume 

It is a great idea to write your resume summary after you have completed all the other parts of your resume. 

By doing so you will get a clearer view over your whole career and easily pick the elements to include in the summary. 

It will also ensure that you do not miss any important information that would look great in the resume summary section. 

Keep It Short

As already mentioned, your professional summary should be short and simple. 

It should be three to four sentences only. 

So, keep only the elements that are sure to have the maximum impact. 

Leave out the skills that are common. Only include the ones that are highly valued in the industry. 

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