Making a Perfect Video Resume: Tips and Tricks

Resumes are the first stepping stones to getting hired. Almost every employer looks at the resume to conduct a primary assessment of a prospective candidate. As a result, a resume has to be crisp, concise, and appealing. But there are diverse ways to out-win the traditional typed/paper-based resumes. At this point, a video resume comes up. Nowadays, many smart companies are accepting video resumes. So, what is a video resume? Is it any better than a traditional resume and how do you make one? Let’s find out.

What is a video resume?

Have you ever heard of an “elevator pitch”? It’s something where you covey and convince someone about yourself and your ideas in a short period. The same principle applies in the case of a video resume.

A video resume allows you to provide a brief introduction about yourself, where you can highlight your achievements and experiences more precisely. You can also include why you are a good fit for the position and why should a prospective employer hire you.

In an increasingly digital environment, a video resume makes it all the more interesting for the employer to get a glimpse into your personality as well as skim through your profile. A video resume helps you to highlight your achievements, confidence, and demeanor which are some of the crucial aspects of getting hired.

Is a video resume more effective than a traditional resume?

There is no definitive answer to which one is better between a video resume or a traditional resume. Most places you’ll apply to still goes on with the traditional resume-dropping system. However, more and more organizations are asking candidates to drop a video resume alongside a traditional resume. The popularity of video resumes is on the rise and it's easy to see why.

Not every candidate that applies will get an interview opportunity. Sometimes an applicant might have a stellar resume, but they might lack in communication or self-presentation. This might be a make-or-break aspect for many companies. To avoid such a dilemma, a video resume can be a great option in the form of a pre-interview assessment. A lot can be learned about a person depending on how they present themselves and their idea. A video resume allows exactly that.

It's beneficial for the applicant as well. compared to the traditional resume, a video resume will allow an applicant to provide a personal touch to their application. You can't possibly pen your thought process on a highly structured piece of paper. Rather a video resume will let you make an impact which will help you win the coveted interview opportunity.

How to write a video resume?

Start with a script

It does not matter how eloquent you are, there is no room for mistakes in a video resume. Just like you need to double-check a traditional resume, the same ideas apply here too. So, it is better to prepare a script before you get on with the filming.

There is also the chronological aspect. A video resume is a very short time to include a lot of information. As a result, you will have to make it coherent and connected sequentially. Rehearsing the script will ensure a polished and crisp self-presentation.

While making your video resume, do not try to be over-enthusiastic or aggressive that you sound fake. Keep it natural and neutral. Bosses love honesty more than anything else.

Find a proper place

You need to remember that video resumes are professional videos. As a result, you need to have a neutral background. Use appropriate lighting depending on whether you will shoot sitting or standing. Try to make sure that you keep the focus on yourself. Avoid busy backgrounds and noisy environments. Your surrounding can have a huge impact on the resume regardless of what or how you are presenting.

Use a proper device

It is expected that the video quality of a video resume should be standard and vivid. Most handheld smartphones these days can shoot 1080P footage which is good enough to shoot your resume. As long as you shoot in a quiet environment, the inbuilt microphone can do the job properly.

Instead of having someone film you, use a tripod for stationary presentation. This will help to cut out any unnecessary movement and keep the focus uninterrupted.

If you want to incorporate movements, make sure you are constantly under good lighting and equally audible throughout the video.

Allow multiple takes

You cannot expect to nail the resume in the first shot. There might be minor mistakes here and there. However, you cannot pass them onto the video. As we have already mentioned, the video has to be completely error-free. Therefore, you should allow and have the mental patience for multiple retakes until the perfect shot is achieved.

Instead of having to cut every time, you can repeat an action continuously until you get the perfect segment. Once you edit the video, you can keep the desired segment and discard the rest.

Use additional visuals

To make your short presentation even more impactful the video resume, you can include some additional footage in the video sequences. It can be highlighted from your resume or snaps from your profile. Here the key idea is to utilize the opportunity to display your significant achievements.

Dress well and follow guidelines

Companies that accept video resumes often have their own set of requirements. It can be regarding duration or language or something else. What you need to do is go through all the requirements and find out whether anything clashes with your script. You should be able to make changes according to that.

Another important thing is to dress professionally. Consider it as a physical interview. Dress up yourself in the proper way as if you are attaining a formal presentation. This will not only give you confidence but also make your video resume fully professional.

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