LinkedIn Profile Writing

How To Create An Impressive Linkedin Profile

LinkedIn Profile Writing: 

Writing a great LinkedIn profile top-to-bottom is the easiest way to set yourself apart from half-a-billion other LinkedIn users. Even if you’ve uploaded a great profile photo, customized your headline, and detailed your work and education history, leaving the summary blank is a huge missed opportunity for a number of reasons  


Recruiters might want to find you on LinkedIn by typing in your full name in the search panel. If you put a postgraduate degree, a certification, or other academic or professional titles next to your name, chances are your profile won't actually appear in the search results for your own name. 

Write your academic or professional titles under ‘Qualifications’ section.  

Job titles, 

State your job title accurately as it consists weightage in LinkedIn’s search algorithms. The titles should be fully optimized for the clarification of the reader. so you would want to use that instead. 

Profile pictures,

Ideally, this should be done in professional attire. Profiles with photos are 14 times more likely to be viewed, according to the career experts

Work Experience, 

Use targeted keywords and include specific information about what you’ve done in your previous positions that led to measurable results. (Don’t lie about titles or duties; you’ll likely get called out by old colleagues  

Avoid long, generic job descriptions. Add measurable results and a few accomplishments. State any important process/system/organizational improvements you have made.  


 These should come from former supervisors, co-workers, clients, vendors, professors or fellow students. (Basically, anyone who will have good things to say about you and your work.). These mini references are powerfully effective. Be sure you have at least five recommendations – the more the merrier.  


Think of your LinkedIn summary as the objective section of your resume: In just a few sentences, it should give the reader a clear idea of who you are, what sets you apart, and what you're looking for from the viewer. You can also discuss why you like your field or job. Consider mentioning what a boss says you are good at or what clients like about working with you. Keep it all genuine and authentic. 


Review what skills you have. Update and add them and remove the old ones. 

On your resume, leadership can be all of these things. If you’ve led others in your workplace to success, demonstrating this in your application is crucial. 

  1. Communication skills; Active listening, Receiving feedback, facilitating conversations, giving presentations. 

  1. Collaborations; Analysis problems, brainstorming solutions, facilitating discussions. 

  1. Decision making; Problem analysis, research, prioritizing tasks, team decision making.  

  1. Time management; Goal setting, stress management 


Showcasing these types of leadership skills is necessary for the prospective employee that you’re the applicant who can pull all this off, this will help you stand out from the competition. 

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