5 Strategies For Leaders To Create A Personal Brand.

Having previously discussed strategies for leaders to discover a personal brand, it is now the exciting moment where all of that discovery turns to brand-building action. Moving forward, there are basic strategies for how to begin to create that dynamic and individualized brand that has already been visioned. Working through these strategies will set any leader’s brand well on its way to success. 

Here are 5 key strategies for leaders to create a personal brand:

1) Choose a platform.

One of the most critical decisions to make for any new brand is where the content that you create will live on the internet. There are many factors to consider like your audience’s demographics that will help you determine where on the internet they hang out (good thing you have already assessed your brand’s audience in detail!). Younger audiences might be found on Tiktok, while professional contacts spend time on LinkedIn. Stay at home parents might be more prone to scroll Pinterest, while grandparents spend time on Facebook. Also consider what type of content you plan to create and which platform is best for that type of content. Video content might work best on Instagram, while long-form articles belong on Medium and pithy thoughts on current events could be best-suited for Twitter. Consider who your content is for and how it will be shared to choose one platform or more.

2) Create content strategy.

Hand in hand with your platform decision is creating a solid and workable content strategy for your brand. Establish what your goals are for your personal brand and your content creation. Decide what type or types of content you will create, whether it is short videos or long articles or frequent tweets. Then set about laying out a clear plan for how you will find the time and energy to create that content. Remember that creating content can be more time-consuming than many people imagine, especially when first starting out, but it will speed up as you find your branding groove.

3) Leverage your inner circle.

Use that list of contacts, both professional and personal, that have already been carefully written out. Consider how each different type of contact might be able to help build your personal brand and then make specific and easy asks. Perhaps a mentor could retweet an article you were featured in, or a sister-in-law might share your new page with an influential coworker. Know how each person in your inner circle might have the power to help grow a brand and ask thoughtfully.

4) Develop an outer circle.

One real strength of social media and brand-building is the ability to grow a much larger circle of acquaintances. Use your newly-created personal brand to reach out to those you would like to have in your circle. Whether it is an Instagram message or maintaining a newsletter list, always be thinking about the ways you can expand and maintain your circle of influence and community.

5) Share thought leadership.

Use the careful thinking you did about an area of expertise to develop your thought leadership. Whatever makes you an expert is what people want to hear about. Offer to write guest posts for others or be a podcast guest and share what you know. Look into how you can work with other thought leaders in your field to share what you all have learned.

With these simple steps, fledgling personal brands can move from nascent to emerging. With careful platform choice, a solid content strategy, strong inner and outer circles, and brilliant thought leadership, personal brands are created to flourish.

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