What is the Importance of Writing a Professional Resume Summary?

In most cases, the section of the resume summary is often filled with irrelevant information or information of minimal substance. A professional resume summary or a resume summary statement can be regarded as an introduction of one or two sentences. This section can be included in the top area of the resume for highlighting some of your most valuable experiences and skills. You can always get access to helpful resources from the experts to know about resume writing tips.

The presence of a relevant resume summary helps the hiring managers to instantly learn whether or not you have the required skills or expertise to handle the given job position. You can browse this site to know more about writing a professional resume summary.

What is a Resume Summary?

A resume summary also goes by the name as a summary statement or a professional summary. It serves to be a short description situated at the resume's top for describing your overall experience, skills, and achievements. When you include a resume summary in your document, it allows you to reveal your most important assets right away.

When Should You Include a Resume Summary?

You can include a resume summary when you have at least three years or more of professional experience. The achievements that you have garnered throughout the period can help in creating a strong and impactful resume statement. In case you have less than 3 years of professional experience –for instance, you are a career switcher or a fresh graduate, then you can include a resume objective in the document.

Top Benefits of the Professional Resume Summary

When you decide what you need to include in your resume –including the resume statement, you should consider the particular job for which you are applying. You should also consider the particular company and the industry in which it operates.

Here are some benefits of including a resume summary:


It holds especially true for those individuals having a wider scope of experiences from multiple companies or industries. It also encourages the employer to offer your resume more attention in case they come across the right skills or achievements.

Resume Summary Vs. Resume Objective

A resume summary is helpful in highlighting some of the relevant skills and experiences you have acquired throughout your professional career. On the other hand, a resume objective is responsible for offering a statement of your respective career goals. You can make the decision of including one or the other section in the resume, or even both. The ultimate choice that you make will depend on the company, its industry, and the particular job position for which you are applying. Moreover, it would also depend on the overall complexity of the past experiences that you have.