6 Problems You Can Avoid If You Hire a Professional Resume Writer

hy spend money on something that you can do yourself? It's a very reasonable question, but there's another one: can you, really?

Crafting a professional resume or CV is a far trickier task than you might think, and even having excellent writing skills doesn't guarantee you actually nailing it. There's a lot more to it, like:

Even if you spend weeks learning how to write a resume, you may still fail to deliver an impressive document. But if you have a professional resume writing service and cover letter writing service https://rapidezwriter.com/Resume-Makeover2 like rapidezwriter writes a resume for you, it can save you the trouble. At rapidezwriter, you'll get your expertly crafted resume or CV with no hassle – and at a very affordable price, too.

Still not sure if you need to hire a professional writer? Then read our list of 7 problems that doing so will help you avoid.

Wasting Time

Do you know how much time crafting a decent resume takes? Experts say it can be anything between several days to weeks, depending on your knowledge, experience, and writing skills.

But how many applicants have the luxury of so much free time ahead? Obviously, not many. They have many other occupations – and, besides, no one knows when a perfect opportunity to apply for their dream job will present itself. So, the sooner you have your resume/CV ready – the better.

Not Passing the ATS

If you don't know how exactly the ATS (applicant tracking system) works, it will be very hard to create an ATS-optimized document that will actually make it to the recruiter. Organically writing in all the necessary keywords is no easy task, too, and it requires some practice.

As the vast majority of businesses, especially big ones, use automation nowadays, it's very likely that your document will be weeded out unless it's properly optimized to pass the ATS. Experts at professional writing services have a lot of experience with this task, and ATS optimization usually comes with even the most basic, cheapest package.

Failing to Engage the Recruiter

There's research data out there indicating that an average recruiter or hiring manager only spends 8-10 seconds evaluating a resume/CV. If it fails to engage attention within this tiny time frame, chances are it will be put away to never be looked at again. So, you see, the first sentences must be really impressive.

Many applicants don't know what they should put forward in their document, and, therefore, start from all the wrong words. Choosing a template that doesn't fit the industry or a design that is outdated or too colorful can also do a lot of harm and make your document look irrelevant.

Messy Resume Structure

Any text should be clearly and logically structured – especially if it's a formal document. Still, far too many applicants don't do it right. So, their CVs look messy and unconvincing.

Experts say a resume should be, in a way, a summary of your whole life story compressed into 1-2 pages of perfectly structured text. But it takes excellent writing and logical skills to be able to do that. Surely, some applicants are good at it themselves, but what about others?

If you're, say, a technical specialist, you don't have to also be a skilled writer. Moreover, many people who are great at their jobs are very bad at writing. So, if essays were not your favorite assignment at school, it's better to handle crafting your document to someone for whom they probably were.

Wrong Tone of Voice

Picking a perfect tone of voice can be even more difficult than outlining the right structure. If you've ever worked in marketing, you're well aware of it, but if you haven't you've probably never even thought a resume should have any specific tone of voice at all.

However, it should – every piece of writing has it. When we read something – anything – we usually hear a voice inside our head that speaks the words to us. Depending on your word choice and sentence structure, your voice can sound in the recruiter's head as friendly and confident, or weak and humble, or boastful and arrogant.

Certainly, the latter two will put the reader off, and such a resume will hardly land you an interview. A skilled writer can fix that problem, making your document read exactly the right way, yet letting your personality shine through.

Lack of Industry Knowledge

The reason why applicants choose to hire career advice experts and professional resume writers is very often not a lack of writing skills, but a lack of industry knowledge. There are people who don't need someone to just put their document together for them – they need expert advice.

If you're making a career pivot, relocating, or rejoining the workforce after a hiatus, such advice is indispensable. You need a professional with hiring experience in the industry to help you highlight your strengths and shade weaknesses and to make the most of what you have to offer to the company.

Some experts even have useful connections in the company you want to work for, so they can use insider information to tailor your CV to the company's needs. And anyway, an expert resume writer knows how to market and sell you as a professional in a way that most applicants can't.

Final Thoughts

That said, it doesn't mean you shouldn't attempt to write your resume or CV yourself. If you can spare some time and have decent writing skills, it can be beneficial to spend it on this task.

However, if your self-crafted CV fails to fetch you any response, it's time to seek expert help. You can start from resume review and editing, and if it turns out your document needs to be re-written from scratch – so be it. After all, a professionally crafted resume can save you lots of time – and money, too.

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