How To Choose Impactful Keywords For Your Resume.


Have you ever thought about how recruiters skim through the hundreds of resumes they receive? They certainly don’t go through each one of them! Well, they have a simple solution – they simply look for certain keywords (that match the job description) before they even read your resume. Sometimes, this task is done by software too. Either way, it makes it essential for applicants like you to optimize your resume with certain keywords. That is exactly where we intend to guide you about choosing the most impactful keywords for your resume!

First, let’s learn a little about the ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) – these software analyze the content of a resume to allow hiring managers to search for keywords. 

Optimizing the keywords on a resume is essential to creating a resume that doesn’t slip through the cracks. 

Some ATS even automatically rate a resume based on how well the content matches the job description.

Now, the importance of impactful keywords for your resume is not just in it being ATS friendly but also in making your point precise. 

Think about it, would you prefer a one page long resume that says the same things that a longer resume does?
Well, we don’t know about you but we are certain about employers preferring it!

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Never lie on your resume. However, you always have the
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So, how do we find the most impactful keywords or phrases for resumes? 

Keep reading! We’ll get through this together and you’ll soon know what resume keywords to use to finally get that dream job.





Have you heard the phrase “First Impression Matters”? 

Here. Here, your resume is what creates that first impression.


To understand better, let’s look at statistics


Let’s be on the same page about resumes in general. Do you think a single resume works for all job openings or should you customise it for every opening? 

Let’s hope you find the answer for yourself in a few minutes.

For instance, if you want to apply for a Business Analyst’s position, your previous work experience and skills in the particular field must be highlighted effectively. 

How do we do that? 

Writing long paragraphs to elaborate it? 

Maybe not.

What if your resume mentions words that catch the ATS or the hiring team’s attention in a single look? Sure, sounds great!



You may ask what’s the big deal here?

You can just copy paste these skills but have you thought whether the designing job requirements would be the same at all places? Will a company prefer someone with Graphic Designing and Web Designing skills or either skill along with some experience in management?

So, in such cases you would require keywords from both domains. Not just that, select the most appropriate and impactful ones so that you don’t just hoard your resume with words making it look obnoxious. 



Most valuable Soft Skills to add in your resume



Most Powerful Action Verbs mentioned-



How will the system detect impactful keywords if your template does not allow it? 

It will be a relief for you to know that all our templates are ATS-friendly!

To sum up, let’s say that-

A resume won’t get you a job directly, but a bad one will surely eliminate you.

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