Interview Preparation

Think of it as your Interview Roadmap!

Wouldn’t it be great if you prepare an umbrella before the rain?Just the way you have a canned response for every interview question asked by the interviewer?Here, we are to ease your interview preparation with these commonly asked interview questions and their answer guide:

1.Describe yourself?

This question is like a gold mine of information about you!Here’s the DEAL,Pitch yourself in the most compelling way possible to show that only you’re the right fit for the job.Use the present- talk about your current role(major accomplishments),Use the past- Professional background and experience,The future trick- Why are you here?

2.Why should we hire you?

This question is quite fair and square, but at times intimidating! Frame your answer covering these three major points:It's only you who is meant for this role!
You can easily fit in with the team and company ethics You can deliver great results!

3.Why do you want to work with us?

Prepare the ground by using any one of the four strategies,Intensive research- Indicate the point which makes the company unique and more appealing to you; discuss the company’s growth and change(positive) since you last heard of it; talk about the opportunities it provides for future growth-be specific about your answers-say no to red flag!

4.Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses?

Many of you might wonder how to answer such questions without blowing one’s own trumpet or risk appearing self-obsessed!Firstly, let's begin with the strengths-Be specific and dead sure to include a range of skills-knowledge-based; transferable, and interpersonal. Now, let’s talk about weaknesses-Stayhumble-strike a balance by thinking of a monumental weakness, that you can overcome!

All we can say is to-PRACTISE, PRACTISE, PRACTISE!Rehearse your answers to sound genuine and curb the oddities that jeopardize your chances of securing the position!

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