7 Reasons Every Entrepreneur Should Start the Day With Exercise.

It’s no secret that regular workouts protect your health and make it easier to maintain a healthy weight. But did you know they can also deliver big returns in business?

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Physical activity stimulates the release of hormones to boost your mood, jumpstart your energy, fight stress and more. Being active in the morning might be particularly beneficial. Research shows that exposure to early morning light can help you feel more awake during the day, as well as improve the quality of your sleep at night.

All of these things can add up to increased productivity at work. Below, I've assembled some of the science-backed ways that morning exercise can boost your business success. There are also some simple tips for squeezing in early workouts.

Exercise and productivity

Exercise has a multi-pronged effect when it comes to enhancing your performance on the job. It boosts stamina and fights fatigue, but it also promotes a calm, focused state of mind that can help you do your best work -- among its many benefits:  

Why morning workouts are best

Exercise can increase your productivity in several of different ways. And, for a number of reasons, morning workouts may be even more effective.

Making morning exercise happen

When business is your top priority, you may be tempted to start your day by diving straight into work. So, try taking a two-week exercise challenge, and see whether you notice a difference in your productivity, mood and stress levels. These simple tips can help you get started.

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Exercise first thing. Get moving before you check your email or start reviewing notes from yesterday’s meeting. That way, no matter how hectic things get, your workout won’t get thrown off track.

Make it a priority. You wouldn’t cancel on a client or ignore a deadline, so treat workouts the same way. Block out time. And put them on your calendar, if you have to.

Eliminate barriers. Lay out your workout clothes and sneakers the night before, for instance. If you opt to go to a gym, find one that’s on the way to work.  

Reward yourself. Treat yourself to a fresh-pressed juice or a hot bath after your workout. Before long, you’ll start to associate exercise with your reward, which can help cement your new morning routine.

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