10 Applicant Tracking Statistics That Prove You’re Hiring Like an ‘ATShole'.

Is your organization one of the many whose applicant tracking system (ATS) is frustrating job applicants, scaring away new hires, and giving you a reputation as a company that doesn’t care about the candidate experience?

Odds are, yes, yes you are.

Below are the statistics that show this sorry state of affairs is real, and that prove you’re likely hiring like an ATShole.

1. 75% of recruiters and hiring professionals use a recruiting or applicant tracking system.

2. 94% of recruiters and hiring professionals say their ATS or recruiting software has positively impacted their hiring process. Only 4% say it has had a negative effect. 

3. However, job applicants disagree. Fully 80% of candidates described their online job search and online job applications as stressful. 

4. Another 60% of job candidates are unable to complete online applications due to encountering tech hurdles. 

5. As many as 75% of qualified job applicants are rejected by ATSs due to spurious reasons like incorrect resume formatting. 

6. 60% of applicants quit an online application because it was too complex or too long. 

7. While 70% of applicants feel an online application should be five steps or fewer, only 40% of employers think the same.

8. Almost 40% of recruiters and hiring managers have not gone through the job application process on their own website to test it. 

9. In a test, one company created a perfect resume for an ideal candidate for a clinical scientist role, it scored a mere 43% relevance because the ATS it was submitted to misread it. 

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10. In another test, one large firm found that the resumes of 3 out of 5 of their top engineers were screened out automatically by their ATS as not relevant.

Do you have any similar horror stories about losing good applicants due to automated errors?  Have you ever gotten negative GOOGLE reviews of your hiring process because your ATS makes it too impersonal?  What have you done to add a human touch to your candidate experience?

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