This is when Amazon Prime Day 2021 kicks off — and everything else we know

Amazon is hosting its annual Prime Day Sale later this month. The sale will see the eCommerce platform offering major offers and deals on a number of products including electronics, apparel and more. Here’s all you need to know about the new sale including dates and frequently asked questions.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

The Amazon Prime Day sale is a two-day annual sale event that takes place exclusively on the Amazon website and app. The event sees prices slashed across categories like TVs, laptops, mobiles, accessories, audio products and more. Deals and offers include brands like AppleOnePlusSamsung and more.

Is Prime Day only for Amazon Prime members?

The Amazon Prime Day sale is exclusively for Amazon prime members and those who are not subscribed to the membership will not be able to access the deals. However new users can make use of the 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime ahead of the sale and then unsubscribe ahead of the 30 days.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2021?

The Amazon Prime Day sale begins on July 26 this year and will go on till July 27. The sale will also bring over 2,400 new launches from a number of small to medium businesses.

Amazon Prime Day sale: Mistakes to avoid

Give into pressure and make a spontaneous decision: Limited time sales like the Amazon Prime Day sale can make buyers and potential buyers feel like they’re been handed a deal for a limited amount of time, often leading them to make spontaneous decisions and buying things they probably don’t need, just because something is on sale.

Social Media campaigns, and countdown clocks everywhere on the platform may also make users feel like the 48-hour sale event is something big that users need to be a part of. However, as responsible buyers, users need to evaluate any purchase decisions carefully and not just buy something because it is on sale.

Falling for the discount trap: Discounts are one of the biggest problems with modern eCommerce platform sales. The discounts displayed during many sales including Prime Days are often discounts on the MRP and not the actual non-sale selling prices of items. Buyers need to track and be aware of the actual prices of anything they want to buy ahead of the sales to make out real discounts. Check out some offers in the link below.

For instance, a phone worth Rs 35,000 may sell at that same price for a while before any sale, but sales will display the phone with a Rs 40,000 price tag that has been slashed to bring you the phone at Rs 35,000, giving the illusion of a deal that isn’t really there.

Forgetting that there are other sales: Users must also remember that the Amazon Prime Day sale is one such event across a number of other sales that happen during festivals and occasions like Holi, Diwali or New Year. Further, there are also sales by other platforms that users need to look at, which sometimes, may have better offers on the same products.

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